Next time I need to get work done I can not start playing guitar hah I finally found my capo so then I just had to play which wouldn’t have been bad except what was originally going to be just one song turned into 3 hours of however many songs…this always happens to me haha Anyways, I really wish God could just show me clearly what he wants me to do, so many decisions to make it’s just so hard to know what choice is right. But I’m thinking Gods will is more complex than just exact things you are supposed to do…maybe whatever college I choose will be the college I’m supposed to go to. Like I will be used in different ways by him at either one I choose, and both are actually right choices.I just think that instead of focusing on the exact details of God’s will I should be focusing on just submitting to his will even if I’m not sure of exactly what that is. If I just stay close to him, and strive to live my life like Christ then I will be in his will and shouldn’t stress so much about making the wrong choice because he will not lead me in the wrong direction. So if you are following him and there are two equally good choices that could help you grow in your walk with him then maybe they are both right choices and it is just up to you to pick one.

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